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Personal protective clothing
Protective innerwear / Helmet liner

Overall 242

Overall 242
100% cotton with double-knitted shoulder
section for increased comfort and safety
acc. to multi-layer principle. 
Colour: Navy blue / turquoise trim.

Larmolle 443

Jumper 442
Cotton, with removable collarcontained Lenzing
hood. Lenzinglined inside shoulder section with
interim layer of FinnFill for optimal thermal
insulation. Extended sleeve tips with "grabs"
of leather. 
Colour: Navy blue  / yellow trim. 

Jumper 443
as 442, but without Lenzing hood.
Trousers 444
Cotton, with lining of Lenzing in frontal thigh
Colour: Navy blue / yellow trim.
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Hjälmhuvor Helmet liner Lenzing
Lenzingfibre, flame-resistant  and protective
against both heat and chill. Does not absorb
moisture. Hygienic, machine-washable 60° C.
Retains function and form during garment's
entire life length.
Colour: Yellow.
Piqué- or rib-knitted.

Helmet liner Nomex
Nomex fibre, flame-resistant
Colour: Black.
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