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Brissmans Brandredskap

Who should know better the quality of firefighting equipment than the man who claims firefighting his profession?

During the twenties, Fritz Brissman was a deputy fire chief in the town of Halmstad on the Swedish West Coast.
It was during a time when firefighting and rescue equipment often was not of the best quality. Chief Brissman realized the need for improvements and decided to take up production of equipment which to a higher degree would meet user requirements, namely those of  the firefighters.
At the end of the twenties he started Brissmans Brandredskap and in doing so he transformed his professional expertise into making effective equipment for the protection of lives and property. 
Today this expertise is still existent and active through the second, third and fourth generation of the family, who carry on Fritz Brissman's life-work and the tradition that goes with it.
And now, just as 70 years ago, the activity of the company is focused on the production and marketing of personal safety- and firefighting equipment.
Entirely in the founder's spirit, Brissmans Brandredskap continues in providing the required tools for the rescue and protection of lives and property.